Day on the (very wet) Green

Thanks to Coachella, the term music festival and conjures up images of twenty-somethings stomping around in the dirt wearing frayed denim cut offs. Music is an afterthought.

How refreshing it was that music was front and centre at the Yarra Valley’s Day on the Green. Held at the Rochford Wines winery, Blondie and Cyndi Lauper jointly headlined the event. With Melbourne’s stunning wine region as the festival backdrop and a rocking 80’s set list, a more diverse audience was ensured.

Melbourne was up to her usual tricks and midway through the event the weather made a turn for the worse. The rain hit hard, but the music kept playing. But then the thunder rolled and lightening struck, so the festival halted and we were forced to flee to our cars.

Once the storm subsided the headliners took to the stage. We ate our cheese and dips in the rain while swaying to the tunes of our favourite 80’s female musicians.