Money Saving Travel Tips

Stunning infinity pools, divine ancient ruins, and perfectly powdery white snow, Instagram travel bloggers can make us ache longingly for a holiday. But those travel aspirations can quickly disappear when pen is put to paper. However, there are small travel hacks you can take to cut costs. Below are my top 5 money saving travel tips.

Before you book

Be flexible with dates! If you are open to shifting your departure and arrival dates you can find a bargain. By looking at a broader range of dates, from one week to the next week or even different days within the same week, the flight prices and hotel prices can vary pretty significantly.

Travel Light

This goes for any airline – be it budget or not. Luggage weight restrictions apply and will be enforced to so make sure you know what your luggage limit is and stick to it! If you’re even 2KG over the luggage weight and you could get slugged with a pretty hefty fee.

Getting from A to B

Sometimes you need to swap the higher cost of convenience for a cheaper alternative. To save money I avoid taxis and instead use buses, trains or ride sharing apps like uber. To give an example, while in LA I took a taxi from the airport to West Hollywood which cost USD$60. I then ubered back, using the exact same route and in similar traffic, and the journey was USD$25 cheaper (plus no tipping required in uber!)

Avoid the Mini Bar

Don’t get caught out paying double the price for a bottle of water or a packet of chips with your hotel minibar. Make time and get organized, a short stop at the local grocery store wherever you are, will save you money!

Eat like a local

Shy away from hotel restaurants or restaurants on busy tourist strips and instead eat where the locals eat. Be brave and try the street stalls or markets. If looking to quench your thirst, try the local wine or spirit instead of the imported variety. You won’t only save money, food plays a central role in the fabric of communities, so you’ll get a taste of the culture (no pun intended)!


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