The Charm of KL

There’s an undeniable charm about Kuala Lumpur, a booming city where the ever-sticky heat adds to an electric energy. It’s an urban centre where striking modern architecture is contrasted against old-world colonial buildings, and mouth-watering multiethnic food offerings can be found on almost every block. Having visited Malaysia a decade ago, I was very excited to return.


You can’t write about KL without mentioning the Petronas Twin Towers. With a glittering metallic sheen, the skyscrapers can’t be missed. Serving as a multi-level shopping complex where designer labels are a plenty, you can very easily get lost for hours in the airconditioned goodness. It’s a perfect respite from the sticky Malaysian heat.


I’m never going to stop loving Petaling Street. If you’re keen for a good haggle and hankering for some traditional Chinese food, then the hustle and bustle of Petaling Street is the place to be.


When in Kuala Lumpur, the Batu Caves are a must see. Jaw dropping giant gold statue of a Hindu Deity, and naughty food-thieving monkeys. Enough said.


On our way to the Batu Caves our driver asked if we’d like to make a detour to try a local experience. So we found ourselves at the Selayang Hot Springs. With three natural (extremely) hot pools all at different temperatures, the mineral water is said to have healing properties. Pour a bucket of water over yourself, or take a dip in the hottest pool if you’re brave.


While in KL, I stayed at the Capri by Fraser. The hotel is about ten minutes away from the golden triangle in Kuala Lumpur, and great value for money with a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the city and modern bedrooms and facilities.