When Big Sis Got Married

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that one of my most well received blog posts is of the wedding of my little sister, Pamela. I get it. I’m not too proud to admit I have a secret wedding board where I pin an eclectic mishmash of wedding inspo, so yes I also love checking out other people’s weddings.

In celebration of wedding stalking or inspo (tomayto tomahto), I’m throwing back to the wedding of my older sister, Cerise. Married 2 years ago, Cerise’s wedding was a stunning modern nautical theme which perfectly suited the industrial chic venue of the Port Melbourne Yacht Club.

Catered to perfection by Peter Rowland, crisp white styling dominated keeping a minimalist feel, with nautical touches such as maritime ornaments and nautical stripes complimenting the yacht club venue.

It was the first wedding out of us sisters, so our nerves and excitement were at their height. There was some yelling, many tears and many laughs, and this was before Cerise had even walked down the aisle. The build-up was worth it, Cerise looked absolutely beautiful, the wedding was visually stunning and it was a wonderful event.

Still today I can flip through wedding magazines and stumble across pictures from Cerise’s wedding, with some of the vendors using her beautiful pictures in their advertorials.

I hope you enjoy these pics, and to see more the blog, Modern Wedding also featured her wedding.