2017 Recap

I love a recap so I’ve hit the keyboard to look at my year that was! Full disclosure before you read on, while everyone experiences ups and downs (myself included), this recap focuses only on the positive because who wants to end the year being a negative nelly?

In 2017 I was lucky to have plenty of travel opportunities! The year started with a bang as I travelled to the United States and went on a mini West Coast road trip with one of my girlfriends. We went to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New Mexico, and the highlights were seeing Britney B!tch, lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Disneyland!

Mid-year I travelled with my partner to Chile. There I met my Chilean family and experienced the stunning landscape, incredible food and learnt more about my heritage. Of course, I cannot recap 2017 without mentioning one of the most love-filled, happiest and momentous events of my year, getting engaged while in the magnificent Atacama desert.

Not long after getting engaged, I made a weekend journey to North Queensland to begin planning my destination wedding. The wedding date is now set and I’m so nervous and excited to get hitched later in 2018!

One of the best and worst things about having a big and close-knit family means almost every weekend is an event. With two weddings, two bachelorette parties, two bridal showers, numerous birthdays, it was non-stop family fun and while it can get fairly exhausting, I do feel very blessed to be able to spend quality time with my loved ones.

Lastly living in Melbourne means access to some of the best events, galleries and performing arts, fashion weeks, sporting events. I was lucky enough to attend a few of these and plan on going to even more next year.

Looking back, anxiety-inducing world events aside, on a personal level 2017 was a damn good year, so cheers to 2018 being even better!


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