Thank You for the Music

If I don’t get my daily dose of music I go stir crazy. I don’t need to break out in song or dance, just a subtle foot tap while on the train to work, or stomping to the beat during a brisk stroll. Music makes mundane tasks one hundred times better.

I was rapt to try out the SMATE Roaming Series On-Ear Wireless Headphones.

With blue tooth allowing me to connect to my smart phone or tune into the FM radio, these wireless headphones gave me the freedom to move and do my thing while listening to crisp and clear beats.

Handy noise reduction technology blocks out most external noise, so these headphones are perfect for those on the go (SMATE does have noise cancellation headphones for those wanting full cancellation).

SMATE is an Australian based technology company bringing out some of the latest electronic products, they have great deals online! If you’re shopping around for some headphones, or looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone special, check out SMATE