The Proposal

A little over a month ago my partner and I got engaged. I’m quite private with my relationship, but it feels nice to share such an important moment in life.

We’ve been together for a long time and it wasn’t a question of whether we would get engaged, so much as when would we get engaged.

I’m a creature of habit and a bit of an introvert, so the idea of an entire day with my partner and I as the centre of attention is well outside of my comfort zone.

However, with all my siblings now married, and as people had started giving me the sympathetic smile, the time felt right.

So, the proposal.

While holidaying in Chile’s staggeringly beautiful Atacama Desert, we made a day trip to the El Tatio geysers.

It was six in the morning and minus thirteen degrees Celsius. I was freezing but in awe of the stunning desert landscape. The sun finally rose over the Andes mountains, and my partner surprised me by getting down on bended knee. I was queasy from the high altitude but could not contain my excitement.

Half an hour later the nausea truly set in and I had a good old barf, but even that couldn’t detract from the joy of the day.

Now let the stress of wedding planning begin!